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Like any other motorist on the road, truck drivers have a legal obligation to ensure that they are operating their vehicles at a safe capacity. This means that truck drivers of large commercial vehicles, as well as the goods being transported in the trailer beds, do not pose a threat to neighboring motorists.

However, commercial truck accidents still account for a significant amount of traffic collisions in California. Additionally, car accidents involving trucks occur daily in Los Angeles and often end in devastation.

When an accident involving a commercial vehicle, like an 18-wheeler, big rig, tractor-trailer, or other large delivery truck occurs, all responsible parties must be held accountable. If you were harmed in a commercial truck accident, schedule a free consultation with Angeleno Accident Lawyers today. Our Los Angeles truck accident attorney can discuss all of your legal concerns, giving you a sense of clarity and confidence moving forward with your truck accident claim.

If you have questions pertaining to injuries you or a loved one suffered from other accidents or would like to learn more about the individual services our award-winning law firm provides, contact us today to speak with our qualified Los Angeles accident lawyer.

How Angeleno Accident Lawyers Can Help

At Angeleno Accident Lawyers, we have maintained consistent success in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients.

Handling Personal Injury CasesWith a 99% success rate and over $300 million recovered in settlements, we have established ourselves as the top Los Angeles truck accident attorney in the county. Our legal team is experienced in truck accident cases involving large commercial trucking companies. Therefore, our lawyers are not intimidated by these corporations, and we will not accept low settlement offers. We protect clients’ legal rights and fight to get them the compensation they are rightfully owed.

Commercial truck accident claims tend to be challenging with multiple parties and their insurance companies involved in the claims process. That's where an experienced truck accident attorney comes in and negotiates on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury law firm works on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge any upfront legal fees and only accept payment once a case is won. If you or a family member were injured in a commercial truck accident, contact our LA office to schedule your free consultation.

What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

The early phases of what to do after a commercial truck accident are similar to a car accident.

Ultimately, the main goal is not to jeopardize the safety of truck accident victims and that their health is put at the forefront. Here are the main steps to take after a truck crash.
See a Doctor

Tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or big rig trucking accidents typically result in devastation with apparent catastrophic injuries. However, there are times where bodily harm may not be as obvious. Regardless, it’s vital to receive a medical exam from a physician, as there may be hidden or delayed injuries. Additionally, medical records and documentation from a doctor will help in supporting a case and obtaining compensation.

Collect Evidence

In order for a truck accident injury claim to be a success, strong evidence must be provided. Visual evidence from the scene of the accident is incredibly valuable. Photograph and record the wreck, as well as any serious injuries sustained. Statements from eyewitnesses are also great to have. Also, write down all the events about the collision as soon as possible. Naturally, details are forgotten as time goes on, especially following a traumatic event. Taking note of these details will maintain consistency and accuracy in the personal injury case.

Report the Accident and Seek Help

Any major accident, like a large truck accident, should be reported to the California Highway Patrol. An officer will arrive at the scene and create a police report. This is another key piece of evidence to have. Leaving the accident prematurely and without reporting it could be viewed as a hit-and-run, even if the victim is innocent. Instead, report the event, then consult with a personal injury lawyer for follow-up instructions.

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer will assist in each of these steps. Additionally, their expertise is the best guidance when building a winning case. At Angeleno Accident Lawyers, we offer a complimentary case evaluation, so we can provide free legal advice with no obligation to sign with us.

Our hope is that during the first meeting, a truck accident victim will be more knowledgeable and confident in how to proceed with the personal injury claim.

California Statute of Limitations

Per tort law, an accident that resulted in personal injury gives victims the opportunity to file a claim or lawsuit in order to compensate for their losses and damages.

Semi Truck Accidents

However, a statute of limitations enforces a time restriction for filing. In California, the statute for a truck accident is two years. If the deadline is missed, compensation can no longer be recovered. In some cases, exceptions are made, but that is rare. Discussing a case with a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer immediately after the accident will ensure important deadlines, like the statute of limitations, are not missed.

Who Is At Fault in a Big-Rig Accident?

If a trucking company is negligent in fulfilling its responsibilities to prevent a trucking accident from taking place, that company can be held liable for the accident.

Actions like truck inspections, ongoing training, following safety regulations, and enforcing that truckers obey all traffic laws are examples of how commercial vehicle companies can prevent crashes.

Therefore, when an accident does happen, the following can be held liable:

Other variables may also contribute to the accident, such as other motorists, weather conditions, or poor road maintenance. An experienced truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles from our firm can determine all individuals at fault and seek justice against the liable party.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

In order for a truck accident claim to be a success, negligence must be proven.

When proving negligence, it must be presented that the defendant’s recklessness or carelessness contributed to the accident. This is considered breaching duty of care.

The truck accident will need to be thoroughly investigated to prove that negligence played a role in the accident. This is another area where our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers can assist in. The most common examples of negligence in a truck accident include:

Truck Accident Injuries That Can Be Compensated

Because of their weight and size, smaller passenger vehicles, motorcycles, or bicycles, involved in commercial truck accidents are often catastrophic.

Victims often sustain the following injuries:

After determining damage, the next thing to address is: How much is a truck injury claim worth? Every accident is unique, with unique outcomes. So, when it comes to cases involving large truck accidents and establishing how much each case is worth, they will be based on economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Each form of damages carries a monetary award.

Ultimately, the more serious the traffic accident is, the higher the compensation will be. At Angeleno Accident Lawyers, our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers have been successful in recovering damages for the following areas:

Unfortunately, trucking companies and their insurers are not fair when negotiating legal claims, even when their employees are at fault. There will be an attempt to significantly reduce or deny the personal injury claim. This is why our attorneys work aggressively and tirelessly to counter the tactics of the big truck corporations and their legal teams. We will calculate the fair amount of every case we take on and will fight to maximize compensation.

Contact a Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

Because multiple parties and entities can be involved in causing a truck accident, these types of cases are complex to navigate.


In order to recover full compensation, it is in victims’ best interests to retain legal counsel.

At Angeleno Accident Lawyers, we are committed to providing the best representation in Los Angeles, CA.

With a winning track record, we are confident we can help each of our clients win their personal injury claims.

To learn about your legal options and how much your case is worth, contact our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer today. We are available to assist 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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